Tully Park Golf 21/5/17

Minor Championships

The final round of the minor championships saw nett wins to Di Schmitt (Ladies 46  2/3), Trent Cooper (A Grade 48), Adam Boxsell (B Grade 44) and Don Grimston (C Grade 40  1/3). Overall gross winners were A grade Trent Cooper 145, B Grade Josh Cooper 161, C Grade Don Grimston 176 and Ladies Heather Buchanan 179. Nett winners were Ray Turner ( A- 129 1/3), Shane Cooper (B- 130 1/3), Anthony Cooper (C – 134 1/3), Di Schmitt (Ladies 145 2/3). Congratulations to all of the round and overall winners.

Sunday Competition

The first round of the pairs competition was the Foursomes event with the team of Trent and Shane Cooper leading the way with a nett 63 (-5 points). Gary Spence and Ray Turner sit in second place for their 67 (-1 point) and Don Grimston and Ken Wray are in third with 68.5 (+0.5 points). Nearest the pins for the day went to Ray Turner on the Goulburn Produce and Mitre 10 hole, and Gary Spence on the Workers Club 8th. The RSM hole was not won.

Notices: Sunday May 28 Stroke monthly Medal. Round 2 of the pairs event is June 4 (stableford aggregate). Thanks to Southern Garages, John Dean (Builder) and Troy Charles (concreting) for their help with making the new cart shed a reality.

2 Person Ambrose

Monday June 12  (the June long weekend) a 2 person ambrose with shotgun start and BBQ is on at Tully. All golfers and social players are welcome to play. Be there by 8.30am so we can organise the teams. Cost $15/player.

Goulburn Soldiers Club 12 Hole competition

Don Grimston won on countback with 26 points last week capping off a good golfing week for him. Brian Larkin also scored 26 as did Joy Leary. Welcome returns to the rundown after long absences were  Judy Moran and Berryl Gray as both scored 25. Gary Spence took the final ball on 23.

Tully Park Golf 14/5/17

Sunday Competition

A countback for 61 nett doesn’t happen often at Tully but that was the case on Sunday as Trent Cooper and John Smith both used the round to complete their third and final rounds for the minor Championships. Tony Clewett also climbed the leader board with his 64 as did Eddie Hawkins on 65.

Jim Last was nearest the pin for the Goulburn Produce and Mitre 10 hol, Don Grimston was closest for then RSM 7th and Adam Boxsell took the Worker’s Club 8th. Thanks to G Spence for his trophy donations for the day.

Notices: Sunday May 21 Foursomes and the first round of the $200 winning team pairs event. A reminder to those who can help with the concreting for the pump ramp we need your help on June 24 at 9am. Thanks to our marvelous volunteers for their help around the course and clubhouse and especially getting the bunkers attended to. Anyone who can donate trophies for the Sunday competition it would be greatly appreciated.

Par 3

Eighteen starters for the May Par 3 event saw newcomer junior Kye Brown blitz the field and lose a few shots after his first junior win, while Janelle Slater took out the adult division and has been similarly seen to in then handicap arena.

Goulburn Soldiers 12 hole comp

John Peterson put his best game to the front last week to rack up 30 points for his first win for a while. Tony Clewett was left lamenting on another good score of 28 ahead of Russ Schmitt, Adam Boxsell, and Don Grimston on 26 for the rundown that went to 25 on countback.

Minor Championships

With the final round of the championships underway this week the fields have their work to catch the leaders. Second round nett winners were Gary Spence for the A Grade, Adam Boxsell the B Grade, and Tony Clewett for the C grade, while Di Schmitt took out the ladies division. The minors finish up this Friday with all results in the window from 12pm.

Tully Park Golf 07/05/17

Sunday Competition

Ken Wray scraped home on a countback with his 39 points in Sunday’s stableford event just edging out Gary Spence. Trent Cooper continued his good recent form with 38 points and Bryan Norris had 37 to make up the rundown. Ray Turner scored a voucher as the Mystery Holes winner with 7 points on countback on the Millenium Windows 1st, Goulburn Produce 5th and Bioclean 10th holes. Nearest the pins went to Col Eggins on the 5th (Goulburn Produce and Mitre 10), Gary Spence (RSM 7th), and Marty Weise (Goulburn Workers 8th). Thanks to P Elliott for his trophy donation.

Goulburn Soldiers 12 hole Competition

Trent Cooper left others in his wake with 28 points last week ahead of Bryson Plumb and Kerry Bensley both on 27 , Josh Cooper 26, Don Pennay and Brian Larkin both on 25. The 12 hole comp is off the Blue markers for all players for 2 more weeks (until May 19th) of the minor championships with the cost for those playing in the minors $15 each week and for those only playing the usual 12 holes the normal $7. Good Luck to all players.

Minor Championships

The minor championships have started off well for the Cooper family with Trent leading the A Grade, Shane the B grade and Anthony the C grade after the first round. Heather Buchanan leads the ladies division with 2 rounds to go. All results are posted in the clubhouse window with many players within catching distance of the leaders.

Notices: Congratulations to Rheannah Webb on her nett win in the schools event of the Jack Newton sponsored Schools Competition for the y9 division. This Saturday is the May Par 3 event with tee off from 8am and all golfers and hackers welcome to play. Juniors can come out for 2pm to play if their do not have a parent to accompany them. Trophy donors for the Sunday competition  are still required, anyone who can help out please see Russell or Joy. June 24 will be a working bee to concrete the ramp for the water pump for the course. About 10 people who can offer their services for the morning it will be appreciated and names can be listed in the clubhouse.

Thank you to ARW Multigroup, John Dean and Troy Charles for their assistance with the new shed construction.

Tully Park Golf 30/04/17

Sunday Competition

Shane Cooper won the Stroke event on Sunday with a nett 63 after a countback with Col Eggins.  Anthony Cooper was next best on 65 followed by Trent Cooper and Russell Lieschke both on 66. Col won the A Grade monthly Medal for April with Phil Elliott taking the B Grade honours on 67 and Eddie Hawkins the C Grade on 68. Gary Spence won the nearest the pin for the 5th hole (Goulburn Produce and Mitre 10), Don Grimston the RSM 7th and Tim James the Workers Club 8th. Tony Clewett donated the days trophy.

Goulburn Soldiers 12 hole Competition

Josh Cooper’s 26 points last week saw him  win in a 4 way countback over Russ Schmitt, Greg Maskill and Ron Nunn. Di Schmitt 24 and Don Grimston 23 made up the rundown. Players are reminded to play off the Blue (men) and Red (Ladies) markers for this competition until the minor championships are over on Friday may 19.


Jack Beard won the junior stableford event on Saturday with 17 points. Good Luck to Rheannah Webb playing in the Jack Newton Schools event this week at Forster. Juniors are on 3pm on Saturdays from this week with the new program on the website.

Notices: The first round of the minor championships is underway with round 2 commencing from Friday 12pm. $30 vouchers for the Sunday prizes are needed so if anyone can provide some please see Russell or Joy. Thank you to all of the volunteers who assisted preparing the food and course for the vets day last week. The work was a valuable contribution to the club and helped make the day a success.   The Pairs event for 2017 kicks off in a couple of weeks so check for the notices. Monday June 12 sees a 2 Person ambrose with 9am tee off for all social and Golflink handicapped players. Get a team together for the competition.

23/4/17 Tully Park Golf

Tully Park vs RSL

The RSL social Golf Club defeated Tully in their annual match up on Sunday 541 points to 516. Leading the way for RSL were Mick and Michael Corcoran on 52 points with the best for Tully being Tracker Tahana and Adam Boxsell on 50. Other Tully players to do well were the teams of Ray Turner and John Smith (46), Eddie Sivell and Brian Mills (44) and Russell Lieschke and Eddie Hawkins (44) in a rundown that went to 42. Leading the way on drive and pitch awards was R Webb with the 4th and 13th holes, Tracker picked up the 1st, L Bill 9th and G Spence 15th. The nearest the pins went to A Boxsell 8th, C Langby 11th,  and C Ryan 17th.

A great day was had by all players with thanks to the RSL golfers, Goulburn Golf Club and their bistro and bar staff.

Notices: Minor Championships commence from Friday April 28 at 12pm and run for the next 3 weeks (see windows at clubhouse for details) cost $15 / round. All Sunday and Goulburn Soldiers club comps are off the blue markers for these 3 weeks. Sunday April 30 is also the stroke monthly medal for April.

Watch for: Monday June 12 (long weekend) 2 Person Ambrose for social and golflink handicap players. Shotgun 9am tee off and BBQ lunch for $15/ player. Social and Handicap division prizes. Get your teams ready.

Goulburn Soldiers Weekly Competition

Tony Clewett crept home with a win last week on 26 points just tipping Eddie Hawkins and John Blair who both scored 25 points. Ron Nunn was next best on 24 in a rundown that went to 20 on a 4 card countback. Check the clubhouse notices for details on the minor championships, over the next 3 weeks all players [playing minors ($15)or not ($7)] are off the blue markers for males and red for ladies.


Tully Park Golf 16/4/17

Sunday Competition

Phil Elliott scored 37 points to win on countback over Tom Heath in Sunday’s stableford event. Brian Mills made 36 and Ray Turner received the final ball for his 35 points on countback. Anthony Cooper was the April mystery holes winner with 8 points on the Merino Fuels 3rd, Goulburn Soldiers Club 9th and Lee and Thomas 13th holes as well as the nearest the pin on the Goulburn Produce and Mitre 10 hole. Tom heath was closest on the RSM 7th and Russell Lieschke picked up the Workers Club 8th.

Notices: Sunday 23rd April 4 Ball Stableford Tully v RSL at Goulburn Golf Club, tee off from 6.30am, cost is $22.50 includes lunch ($20 for just game). Thank you to all of our volunteers for their work on the course recently many visitors have made their appreciation for your efforts known.

Goulburn Soldiers 12 hole Competition

Russell Lieschke set the course on fire last week with 27 points well ahead of closest rivals Darrell Spence and Kerry Bensley both of whom scored 21.Eddie Hawkins (20), Don Pennay (20) and Tony Clewett (19) made the rundown. Minor Championships commence soon and is available for Goulburn Soldiers Club comp players.

Minor Championships

Commence from 12pm Friday April 28 and are run in conjunction with the Goulburn Soldiers 12 hole and the Sunday events. Cost is $15/ round. All midweek and Sunday players are to TEE OFF BLUE MARKERS from 12pm Friday 28/4/17 to 12/5/17 at 12pm.

tully park golf 9/4/17

Sunday Competition

Bryan Norris returned a +4 for the par event on Sunday showing the way to Tom Heath +3, Brian Mills +2, and Phil Elliott and Gar Spence both +1. Gary and Phile also featured in the nearest the pins by winning the Goulburn produce and Mitre 10 and Workers Club, 5th and 8th holes respectively.

Notice: April 16 Stableford. April 23 is the annual Tully v RSL competition this year at Goulburn Golf Club (price for the day is still be sorted and should be available by this Sunday). Thanks to the volunteers for their help with the coring on Saturday and the mowing and cleaning. This weeks trophy was donated by S and J Leary, $30 donations for the Sunday comp are always welcome and greatly appreciated.

Goulburn Soldiers Club 12 hole competition

Darrell Spence backed up his recent good scores with a 26 point round to win the Goulburn Soldiers Club voucher last week. Hot on his heels were Kerry Bensley 24, Kevin Breen and John Blair both with 23, Eddie Harkins 22 and Don Grimston 21.

tully park golf 2/4/17

2 Person Ambrose Success

Tracker Tahana and Keith Morgan banded together to score 59.25 to win the Men’s section of the 2 Person Ambrose at the Tully Park Social Day on Sunday and take home vouchers for $150 each.  Gary and Helen Peterson took out the mixed event with their 60.5  and Zacc Broderick and Rob Scott returned a 70 for the Social Section.

2nd places and the $60 vouchers went to Josh Cooper/ Bryan Norris 59.75 (mens), Rheannah Webb/ Lachlan Bill (mixed) 64.75 and David Campbell/ Brendon Denton 77 (social), while third places and the $30 vouchers went to Tom Heath/ Brian Mills 60.5 (mens), Mal and Martell Maher 65.5 (mixed) and Jeremy Harrison/ Nathan Young 79 (social)

Nearest the pins for the day went to Chris Webb and Sharon Scott on the Goulburn Produce and Mitre 10 fifth hole and Dave Gray and Sharon Scott on the RSM 7th.

Notices: Thank you to all of the volunteers who assisted making the social day a success through their mowing, catering or cleaning efforts. Sunday April 9 Par event.   RSL v Tully Park on Sunday April 23 at Goulburn Golf Club. Coring is scheduled for this Saturday so we have had to cancel the Par 3 this month all who can help please come and lend a hand from 8am. Thanks to Val Allen for her donation to the social day.

Goulburn Soldiers Club 12 hole competition

Josh Cooper’s 26 points last week were enough to get him over the line for his first 12 hole win for a while. Kerry Bensley and Anthony Cooper both made 24 followed by Ron Nunn 23 and Bryan Norris and Darrell Spence both on 22.  This competition runs over every day of the week and can be played all with a G.A handicap. Each round commences Friday from 10am and for only $7 is a great competition for all levels of skill.

tully park golf 26/3/17

Goulburn Soldiers Club 12 hole competition

Robert Kelly won the $25 Goulburn Soldiers Club voucher last week with 26 points to narrowly take the thunder from his playing partner Ron Wenban on 25. Kevin Breen 24, Tony Clewett 23 and John Peterson 22, featured in the rundown to 21 on countback.

Sunday Competition

The March Stroke event and B Grade Monthly Medal round was won by Bryan Norris with a superb nett 62 in damp course conditions. Next best on the day was Ken Wray on 66 while Tom Heath  took the A Grade medal for his 70. Darrell Spence was again prominent taking the C grade medal with 71, a score also made by Mick Harris for the rundown. Tony Clewett was nearest the pin on the 5th hole (Goulburn Produce and Mitre 10) while the RSM 7th went to Mick Harris. The Workers Club 8th proved too difficult on the day and was not won. Thanks to G Spence for his trophy donation.

Notices: The April Par 3 set for the 8th is cancelled as we will now be carrying out the coring of the greens. The next Par 3 is on May 13.

2 Person Ambrose with $1500 in prizes is on this Sunday April 2nd with competitions for Men’s, Mixed, and Social players.  With a lunch provided for the $20 entry, players should arrive between 7 and 9am to compete. This is a great event with lost of prizes to be won so get a team to play or come around 7.30am on the day to get put in one.

Junior Pennants

The defence of the ACT Monaro title for our Tully Park juniors has come to an end after being beaten by the number 1 team for this year Gungahlin Lakes, 4.5 to 2.5. Rheannah Webb capped off a stellar event with another win 3 & 2. Lachlan Bill fought well to go down 3 & 2 in his final match in this age- event. Ned Slater pulled out the big ones for the last round in his first season before being beaten 6 & 4. These kids did the club proud with their efforts and manner and should be commended.

tully park golf 19/3/17

Junior Pennants

The Tully Park – Gold Creek juniors have made the semi finals of the ACT Monaro Pennants for the second year in a row. Sunday’s loss 3.5 to 2.5 was disappointing for the team but other results went our way opening the door. Rheannah Webb was back to her best with a 6 & 4 win, Lachlan Bill managed a hard fought square and Ned Slater went down in his longest game 5 & 4. Good luck to the team for next week.

Sunday Competition

Darrell Spence pulled out all stops on Sunday to finish with 40 points in the Stableford event. Brian Mills 38 and John Smith 37 were next best and Russell Lieschke 36 and Chris Elliott 35 made up the rundown.

Chris Elliott was also nearest the pin on the Goulburn Produce and Mitre 10 hole and Tom Heath took out the Workers Club 8th. The RSM 7th was not won. The luck draw was won by R Schmitt and thanks to A Cooper for his trophy donation for the day.

Goulburn Soldiers Club 12 hole Comp

Don Grimston fought the rain last week to come in a winner in the midweek event with 26 points. Berryl Gray was next on 19 followed closely by Judy Moran and John Peterson each on 18.

$1500 Ambrose Social Day

April 2nd is the 2 person Ambrose for men’s mixed and social teams. Tee off from 7am to 9am with the chance to win some of the $1500 in prize vouchers for the day. Cost is only $20/ person and includes lunch afterwards. Grab some friends or golfers and come and play.

Notices: March 26 Stroke monthly medal. Sunday trophy donations of $30 are required for anyone who can assist. Please contact Russell or Joy to make your donation.